Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years Eve

Happy New Years Eve! We are a couple of hours away to end 2013 and begin a new year. This year plays an important part of my life because I overcame my shyness and put myself out here in the blogging world. My motivation also comes from my followers, friends and family who have shown love and support for my goals in the fashion industry. I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. Every sweet comment I receive on Instagram makes my day :)

Not everyone shares the same likes, opinions, or sense of style and I am aware that I will be judged but I am absolutely fine with that. I am proud to say that I will be myself and show my true self. This is mainly what my blog is about. I truly hope this inspires other girls out there to do what they love and be who they really are without being afraid. A new year is coming. What goals do you have? 

I plan to continue with my blog in 2014 and many more years to come. I am still studying fashion design & merchandising and I am excited for what 2014 will bring. 

Again, thank you for reading and for the support! Have an amazing and unforgettable last day of 2013! Stay tuned for my first post of 2014 where I will share my New Years Eve outfit. 

- Madelleyn

Monday, December 30, 2013

Favorite Color of 2013: Oxblood

Basic White Shirt: Forever21 // Coat: G.E.T from Last Call by Neiman Marcus // 
Jeans: 7 For all Mankind // Booties: urbanog.com // Bag: Forever21
Earrings: Forever21 // Sunglasses: Forever21

New Years Eve Outfit Ideas (part 2)

Happy Monday! Tomorrow is the big day ladies so I decided to give another New Years eve outfit idea in all white. I dressed up a white sweater dress with a white long coat and glamorous booties that have rhinestones all over. I kept jewelry light and only wore studs to keep the attention on the "headpiece" I layered over my bun. The headpiece is actually a necklace from Papaya that I simply hooked around my bun and hid the extra chain inside of the bun with a bobby pin. This accessory added to the hair definitely takes your outfit to another level making you feel like a queen with your crown on lol. I hope you've enjoyed viewing my outfit ideas. Not everyone has the same taste or opinion about an outfit so if you think the headpiece is a bit too much then you can just wear your hair in a normal bun or down in curls. 

Have a great day!


   Shop for a similar look:



Coat: Forever21 // Dress: Victoria Secret
Booties: Urbanog.com // Necklace: Forever21

Saturday, December 28, 2013

in Grey & Black like Khloe Kardashian

Hello! This is the last Saturday of the year and haven't been uploading as much as I did before the holidays so I will share this quick outfit that I will wear tonight. Ive had a picture of a look worn by Khloe Kardashian on my iPad for a while that I really wanted to recreate and finally did today. Khloe wore a 3.1 Phillip Lim poncho in grey and kept the rest of her outfit, including a beanie, in black. 

My outfit was recreated for much less which is my favorite part. I do not own a poncho but this cardigan gives an illusion of one so I thought it would be perfect. I have had this Cardigan for a while now so you wont find it available. I will link a few similar ponchos you can substitute below.  Underneath the poncho, she wore a long sleeve top so I wore a black sweater dress to cover me up more since the cardigan does not hit as low. I paired this outfit with my current favorite thigh high black suede boots from Forever21. The beanie was less than $3.00 at Wal-Mart but it came without the rhinestones. They are actually studs from Forever21 which help spice up the outfit a bit more since I did not wear any type of jewelry.

I hope you enjoyed today's outfit. Thank you for reading and have a great weekend!

- Madelleyn 

What I Wore:

Cardigan ("poncho"): Charlotte Russe (similar styles: here , here , and here)
Black Basic Dress: Forever21 // Boots: Forever21 // Beanie: Wal-Mart // Earrings: Forever21

Friday, December 27, 2013

Sparkle for New Years Eve

      Printed High-waisted Sparkly Shorts

When I saw these gorgeous shorts at Forever21, I knew right then and there that they would be for New Years Eve. That is until I found an amazing dress that I decided would be a better option to welcome 2014. I decided to wear these shorts for Christmas eve instead with opaque black tights and black boots. This picture does not capture the beauty of how they really look in person. These are stunning and still have seen them at Forever21 in case you may be interested in purchasing them. For this look. I kept the attention on the shorts by pairing them with a sheer button up top to bring out the cream in the print. A statement necklace helps balance out the outfit wether it is in black or gold.

Top: Ross // Shorts: Forever21 // Heels: Steve Madden // Clutch: Target // Necklace: Forever21

Sequins over Sequins

Black and white are classic colors so you cannot go wrong with this still very trendy and popular combination. You can chose to do any combination you wish on the top and shorts such as oxblood and black, nude and pink, the possibilities are endless. With the accessories kept to a minimum and a plain strappy sandal keeps this outfit from looking too over the top with sequins.

Top: Papaya // Shorts: Express // Clutch: TJ Maxx // Heels: Image

Sequined Dress

If you have no time to go out looking for separates to put together for a perfect outfit then I would recommend to just purchase a sequined dress. At this time of the year, all stores bring out dresses like these so it will not be hard to find. This dress itself is already a statement piece so you do not have to put too much thought to the look. A necklace is optional, however, the one I added does bring the whole look together. 

Dress: French Connection // Necklace: Forever21 // Clutch: Target // Heels: Steve Madden

Little White Dress

This is it! This is the dress that I will wear on New Years Eve. I am so excited because the fit of it is just perfect. The fabric kind of reminds me of luxurious curtains since it is made of a thick non stretchy material with a nice sheen to it. I like the fact that it already has an embellished neckline to avoid the hassle of trying to find a perfect necklace. I will do rhinestone studs, a cocktail ring and ta-da my look would be complete. I am still debating on what shoes to wear but I think these silver pointed toe heels complement the vintage-y look of the dress. 

Dress: Agaci // Heels: Shoe Dazzle // Clutch: It's Fashion

Casual Glam

If you want a more relaxing outfit, you can always pair a glitzy loose top with a pair of destroyed boyfriend jeans. You can wear this outfit with flats or a pair of comfy heels with a thick chunky heel. 

Top: Express // Jeans: Abercrombie & Fitch // Heels: Steve Madden // Clutch: Target

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas Outfit Ideas

Christmas eve is finally here! I put together 3 outfits that are great for a party or just a family dinner. I put on the Santa hat just for the fun but you can just wear your hair down in glamorous curls or check out my previous post for some ideas on how to spice up a bun. Two of the three outfits involve a skater skirt. You can pair your favorite plain or printed skater skirt with almost any top, add a statement necklace and you have a great holiday look. I hope these outfits inspire you to find the perfect Christmas eve outfit. Have a wonderful time with your family and loved ones.


Velour Top: Forever21 // Flower Skater Skirt: Forever21 // Boots: Forever21
Necklace: Papaya // Arm Chain: Rue21 // Ring: Forever21

Top: Papaya // Skater Skirt: Papaya // Booties: urbanog.com
Necklace: Forever21 // Rings: Forever21

Dress: (old) Last Call by NM // Heels: Forever21 // Necklace & Ring: Forever21 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Buns for the Holidays

Happy Friday! I am all done with Christmas shopping, putting up our tree, wrapping gifts and decorating our home for the holiday so I finally have more time to blog. I decided to give you 3 hairstyles that are super easy and great for either Christmas or New Years eve. My preferred hairstyle is long voluminous locks with a part in the middle but there are times that I like to switch it up with a bun. Who now a days does not wear they're hair up in a bun?! I think this hairstyle is super versatile as it can go from casual to elegant depending on what you wear. There are all types of buns but my top 3 favorite have to be the side bun (more of an elegant bun), a sleek bun with a braided headband or a sleek bun with a braid wrapped around. These buns are effortlessly chic and take about 10 minutes or less to do. Have a wonderful day!

Side Bun

What you will need:
hair elastic
bun maker 
hair pins
hair spray

1. Part your hair on the side that you prefer.
2. Brush your hair into a sleek side ponytail on the opposite side of the part.
3. Secure the side ponytail with an elastic.
4. Take your bun maker and place it at the end of the ponytail.
5. Start rolling the bun maker inwards until you reach the elastic.
6. Spray the hair with your favorite hairspray or shine spray.

The bun maker will secure your hair without any bobby pins. If you do have fly aways or left a few hairs out, simply tuck them in with pins. 

Bun Wrapped by a Braid

What you will need:
2 hair elastics
hair pins
bun maker
hair spray

1. Brush your hair into a high ponytail.
2. Secure the hair with a hair tie.
3. Separate a strand about 1 inch and put it to the side.
3. Place the bun maker at the end of your ponytail and begin to roll the hair inwards leaving the strand of hair separated.
4. When you reach the elastic, tuck in any flyways or hair left out of the bun.
5. Start braiding the strand of hair and secure it with an elastic at the end.
6. Wrap the braid around your bun and secure with hair pins.
7. Spray hair with favorite hair spray or shine spray. 

These steps can be followed if you decide to use your own hair for the braid. To add more volume, I rolled all hair into the bun maker. I then took my extension piece that has one weft and braided it. I clipped it under the bun to hide the track and started wrapping the braid around my bun. I secured the braid with hair pins. 

Bun with a Braided Headband

What you will need:
hair pins
bun maker
braided headband *optional*
hair elastic
hair spray

*If you have a braided headband

1. Brush all hair back into a sleek high ponytail.
2. Tie hair with an elastic.
3. Place bun maker at the end of your ponytail and roll inwards. 
4. Tuck in any fly aways or hair you left out of the bun.
5. Place headband and secure with hair pins if needed.
6. Spray hair with hair spray or shine spray. 

*If you do not have a braided headband

1. Section of a 1 inch strand near your ear (whichever side you chose is fine).
2. Brush the rest of your hair into a high and sleek ponytail.
3. Secure ponytail with an elastic. 
4. Tuck in any fly aways with hair pins or any hair you left out of the bun.
5. Braid the strand of hair that was left out and secure with an elastic.
6. Take the braid and wrap around to the other side of your ear. 
7. With hair pins, secure the braid.
8. Spray hair with hair spray or shine spray. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Plaid & Fur

Happy Monday! Here is yesterdays outfit that I wore to have a casual dinner with my husband at Red Robin then for a walk around the mall. The chunky low heel on these booties helped me get through a long day and the layering of tops kept me warm without wearing a heavy and bulky coat or jacket. I would recommend this as an outfit idea for Christmas if you want to go for a casual look. For a dressier look, I would button up the shirt to the top, add a gold statement necklace over the collar and tuck the shirt under a black leather skater skirt. Since the shirt does have the festive look already it would be best to wear black tights and black booties. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a great week ahead of you!

- Madelleyn

What I Wore:

Plaid: Old Navy (get it here) // White Long-sleeve: Forever21// Faux-fur Vest: Papaya
Jenas: 7 For all Mankind // Booties: Old Navy (get them here) // Earrings & Necklace: Beya
Rings: Forever21 // Watch: MK // Bag: Ross // Sunglasses: Rue21

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Forever21 Haul

Wow! It feels like it has been forever since I last uploaded a post. This time of the year has gotten pretty busy for me but I have many posts coming your way with gift guides, holiday outfit ideas, favorites and I am even thinking about adding a few beauty tips so stay tuned :)

Today we began our Christmas shopping at some of our favorite stores, including Forever21. I have to admit I did some shopping for myself but hey with these great deals who wouldn't treat themselves. Ladies Forever21 is having a 50% off sale on boots so take advantage. I did not get many items but I fell in love with the things that I purchased today. I found myself actually buying all items in black which I had told myself I would not do and instead try something new. There's nothing wrong with the color, its so chic and I adore it but I would like to add other tones like emerald green or oxblood to my closet. 

Ive been looking for a basic tote with a touch of chicness to it for a while now which is why I had to bring this bag home with me. The bag is big enough to hold everything I need and more, has gold which I love and it is quilted. To avoid getting my new bag dirty from my cosmetics, I got a cute pouch which would also be a great gift for a friend stuffed with a few lip products. Like I mentioned, all boots were 50% off so I decided to get a pair of basic, low feel boots with a pointed toe for those casual days. I was a bit surprised to find this flower printed skater skirt for only $15.80 because it feels and looks like it would be so much more. I am loving the quality and cannot wait to wear it. The last and only item I purchased from the jewelry section is a black statement necklace that would look great with my holiday outfits. There were so many adorable items but I cannot bring the whole store with me (lol). 

The outfit that I wore was super comfy and laid back. It did not take me long getting ready this morning. I mastered a perfect cat eye, added a red lipstick and got dressed all while I had my hair up in hot rollers by Conair. Check out my outfit on my previous post. 

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.

- Madelleyn

Saturday Shopping

What I Wore:

Cardigan: Target // Top: Dots // Tights: Forever21 // Scarf: H&M // Bag: TJ Maxx
Boots: Local Shoe Boutique 

Monday, December 9, 2013

Casual in Fur

Hello! I hope you had a wonderful day. I was finally brave enough to get out of the house despite the icy roads. Three days stuck at home was driving me crazy. Im not going to lie, lounging around the house for a few days is a nice getaway from my somewhat busy daily routine. I did not dare to drive in the slippery roads. If you are familiar with my driving skills then you will know that even in normaI weather conditions I  am not the best driver (lol) so why risk it. The sun did not even take a peek today but the ice did start to melt and I felt safer about going out. I was in the shopping mood so I hit my local shopping center and found a few things that I cannot wait to wear. 
The outfit that I wore was casual in beige and brown tones. I planned on just doing some shopping so I kept my outfit simple and the height on my boots easy to walk in. 

I did not feel the need of layering a heavy coat since my turtleneck is tremendously warm and the thigh high boots kept my toes toasty. Low freezing temperatures know how to give a girl a headache so a beanie was a must. The hanging rhinestone on my Michael Kors belt added a touch of glam to my look and matched my jewelry. The faux-fur vest pulled the look together and for a pop of color I went for a deep purple lip. 

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great week!


"Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself."
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

What I wore:

Turtleneck Sweater: H&M (similar can be found here) // Faux-fur Vest: Papaya (similar style here)
Jeans: H&M // Bag: Michael Kors Monogrammed in Rose Gold // Belt: Michael Kors
Boots: urbanog.com (old) // Beanie: Forever21 // Watch: Juicy Couture  //Rings: Forever21
Sunglasses: D&G