Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Years Eve

Happy New Years Eve! We are a couple of hours away to end 2013 and begin a new year. This year plays an important part of my life because I overcame my shyness and put myself out here in the blogging world. My motivation also comes from my followers, friends and family who have shown love and support for my goals in the fashion industry. I would like to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. Every sweet comment I receive on Instagram makes my day :)

Not everyone shares the same likes, opinions, or sense of style and I am aware that I will be judged but I am absolutely fine with that. I am proud to say that I will be myself and show my true self. This is mainly what my blog is about. I truly hope this inspires other girls out there to do what they love and be who they really are without being afraid. A new year is coming. What goals do you have? 

I plan to continue with my blog in 2014 and many more years to come. I am still studying fashion design & merchandising and I am excited for what 2014 will bring. 

Again, thank you for reading and for the support! Have an amazing and unforgettable last day of 2013! Stay tuned for my first post of 2014 where I will share my New Years Eve outfit. 

- Madelleyn

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