Saturday, December 7, 2013

How to dye extensions

Good morning! Yesterday we woke up to a winter wonderland covered in ice and not snow as I was hoping. On Thursday we started to prepare for this storm by buying groceries and necessities since we knew we would be stuck at home. I decided to give myself a few  projects so I bought black hair dye for my old extensions.  Last year I purchased ombre extensions that went from light brown to blond. Since I had short black hair they blended in perfectly for a black - brown - blond effect. My hair has grown significantly since then so when I put on these extensions on they look fake. I do not have an intention on dying or cutting my hair to match this set since I plan on growing out my hair and keeping it black. 

 Today I will be showing you how to dye your clip in extensions. This is not something hard to do and the process is very similar to dying your own hair. This would be my third time that I use dye on extensions. I am not an expert but have gained my experience through trial and error. I hope this post is helpful to those who plan on dying their extensions.

What you will need:

Extensions: There are many type of extensions but not all will absorb the dye and change color. You want to make sure that your extensions are 100% real human hair. 

  • Before you begin this project, you want to make sure that you have everything you need close to you to avoid running around making a mess with dye in your gloves. The rubbing alcohol will help wipe away any dye that gets on your skin. You can simply add alcohol to a cotton ball and rub it on your skin.
  • Take out all contents from the box of the dye and read instructions carefully. Before you start anything with the chemicals, put on the gloves provided. Mix the chemicals as instructed.
  • Place the aluminum foil under the extensions and now the fun part begins. 
  • Begin adding dye to the back of the extensions (where the clips are visible) right from the tube one piece at a time. 
  • Next you want to repeat this step to the front of the extensions. 
  • Add dye to the front and back about 1 to 2 more times depending on how much dye you have left. This time add the dye with the tint brush. Since the extensions are blond, you want to make sure every single strand of hair is covered or it will be noticeable once you wash out the dye.
  • You have to also make sure that you color the track. 
  • When you are finished adding all of the dye, wrap the hair in aluminum foil. The instructions will leave a specific time you need to leave the dye on the hair but I would recommend 1 hour so the dye can really penetrate.
  • After the hour passes, you want to remove the extensions from the aluminum foil and rinse the dye out with water. 
  • Once the water runs clear, you want to add shampoo to the hair. I skipped this step and jumped straight to the conditioner. If you use shampoo, I would recommend one specifically for for colored hair. 
  • Next you can either use the conditioner that was included with the dye or one f your choice. Leave the conditioner for 10-15 minutes to nourish the strands.
  • And you are done! once you rinse out the conditioner you can place the extensions over a towel you do not mind getting stains on because the black will rub off. You can leave them over night or if you need them sooner you can blow dry them, style as usual and they are ready to be worn.

Before                                                       After

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