Saturday, March 29, 2014

Shorts and sandals season

Hello ladies! Recently I was asked to do a few outfit ideas with shorts and sandals. I thought it would be a fun challenge to make 3 outfits with only 5 items. The 5 items include 3 tops, 1 pair of shorts and 1 pair of sandals. The purpose of this idea is to also show you that you don't have to spend much to create different outfits. For example you can splurge on a good pair of shorts and sandals. You can then find  several tops for less at places like Marshalls. The key is to accessorize each top differently to create fresh new outfits even if you do wear the same items. 

All you see in stores are cropped or revealing tops which make you wonder if you should really wear them or what kind of bra to wear them with. This has been  a dilemma for me but finally found an obvious solution. Simply wear another cropped top under with a tight fit. The one I found is from a store i haven't been to in years, Melrose. It was only $6.99 and looks great under any type of top. It features cur outs on the shoulders which adds a cool layering effect. 

Its Spring now which means the shorts and sandals season is here! High waisted shorts tend to fit a bit shorter so I was so happy I found a pair which is both high waisted and long in length. For the sandals, i went for a gladiator style in brown. This color matches with everything and the style is also very versatile with the look that you are going for. 

Have a great week! ;)

outfit # 1

tee Marshalls / "undershirt" cropped top Melrose / random belt / Papaya shorts 
 Melrose sandals / Forever21 necklace / Forever21 bracelets / Beya yellow bracelet 

outfit # 2

cropped top Marshalls / undershirt Melrose / random belt / Papaya shorts / Melrose sandals / Charlotte Russe necklace

Outfit # 3

Melrose white undershirt / Marshalls top / Michael Kors belt / Papaya shorts / Melrose sandals / Forever21 flower crown

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