Wednesday, April 2, 2014

top 5 favorite spring beauty products

#1 eos shave cream 

The number one favorite beauty product has to be this shaving cream by eos. Never in my life have I used a shaving cream. I never really felt like I needed one. I would just use water with my dove bar soap and felt happy with my shaving routine. However, I did notice my legs were just not as soft as they should be after a shave. Even after applying lotion I didn't feel them silky smooth so I searched for a shaving cream and found the perfect one! I love the smell and how smooth my legs are after using it. I totally recommend it.

#2 Mary Kay lip mask & balm 

My husbands cousin sells Mary Kay which I am new to. She demonstrated the products and what really caught my attention were these 2 products for the lips. One is a lip mask which exfoliates your lips and the other is applied after to add moisture and softness. She gave me some to try it and after the lip mask I immediately felt my lips smoother. They felt even better after the balm. I have a bad habit at picking on my lips so if you are that type of person I'm sure you will love this. Even my husband tried it and liked it. 

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#3 Olay fresh effects 
out of this swirled exfoliating scrub

This stuff really gets deep into your pores, leaves your face feeling refreshed and silky smooth. I was using an exfoliating cleaner from Aveeno and never really noticed a difference in my skin as I do with this product. I have less acne and my face looks much brighter and awake. 

#4 Olay fresh effects dew over moisturizer 

After I use the exfoliator above, I like to use this moisturizer to hydrate my face. Its cold and gooey which may add shine to your face but it will penetrate after a few minutes and sink in to your skin. After this moisturizer I go straight to my primer and foundation. 

#5 Urban Decay makeup setting spray

The last item on my top 5 list is the all nighter setting spray for makeup. On hot spring/summer days your all sweaty and sticky so you want to make sure your makeup doesn't melt off. I use this after I finish my makeup and also throughout the day if I feel like I need to freshen up. I have used many setting sprays and they all seem to work the same but I personally prefer this brand. This spray came with a travel size which is what I always carry on my makeup bag now. 

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