Wednesday, May 14, 2014

pink and lilac

High five for shorts season! It sometimes gets so hot in basically every season in Texas that all I want to wear are shorts. This week has been gloomy and a bit chilly but last week the weather was perfect. I paired these simple shorts with a bright pink top to have breakfast with my mom last Saturday. We celebrated mothers day at our favorite restaurant. In Mexico, mothers day is celebrated on May the 10th and we like to keep that tradition. This year it was perfect how May 10th was a day before the second Sunday of May, which is the day it is celebrated here in the US. We celebrated all weekend long ;)

Have you ever seen me wear purple? I think I have mentioned it before that for some reason that color does not grab my attention. This is the only pair I own that has a purple shade. Ive been having these wedges for about 2 years and have only worn them about three times, counting last Saturday. Since pastels are trending this season I decided to keep them in my closet when I did my Spring cleaning. I like how it has a bright pink which makes it easier to match with another color other than purple. This look is super girly and perfect for the mall or a casual date. 

Thank you so much for reading!

blouse: Forever21 // shorts: Papaya // wedges: Sasha old // necklace: Sasha // arm candy from left to right: Michael Kors watch, Juicy Couture locket bracelet, Juicy Couture bracelet with ring, Forever21 "happiness" bracelet // 

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