Thursday, July 10, 2014

Whats in my bag? (summer edition)

Whats in my bag for the summer time? Well, by the looks of it not much. That is only because I try to keep the essentials with me since I also carry Isabella's diapers, wipes, etc. I thought it would be fun to give you a look of what is inside my bag. I love switching bags almost every day but my favorite purse at the moment is by Michael Kors. It has gold hardware and the fuchsia is just perfect for summer! 

As I mentioned, I switch purses pretty frequently but I don't switch wallets to match my purse that often because it can be time consuming if I am in a rush. I purchased this one by Kate Spade because it keeps all my cards organized, it has a clear slot for my ID so I wont take it out when I am asked for it at stores, it has additional slots for money and has a zipped pouch in the back for coins.  

With this heat and sun shining bright, sunglasses are a must have in my bag. I wear prescribed contacts so I need to wear sunglasses whenever I am out or driving because my eyes get easily irritated. That also explains why I take most of my outfit pictures with the sun. I have even tried to stand under shade without glasses, but when I do, I still squinch my eyes and that is not a pretty look. My favorite sunglasses are these cat eyes by Dolce and Gabbana. Ive had these for a while now but I just think they are classics and can be worn year round.  

Okay so now lets talk about another necessity, my makeup bag filled with goodies. I purchased this cute pouch from Forever21 last winter. Its a great size plus the "I need lipstick" statement is super cute. Since its summer time now I keep my makeup to a minimum because I do not want it melting off lol. 

I like to keep my lips moisturized with either the Dior Lip Glow Balm or the mini Vaseline rosy lips therapy. I like having a bronzed look this time of the year so I contour with the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil. I don't carry it to touch up, I just have it in there because it has a good size mirror, and also because it smells sooo good lol. I also like to swipe the Color Tattoo eyeshadow on my eyelid in bad to the bronze by Maybelline for an even bronzier look. When I shoot outfits of the day I like to take closeups of my hand accessories so I need to have my nail polish to retouch any chipping. I currently love the mint candy apple shade by Essie. The Hard Candy glow all the way bronzer is amazing. It is infused with 24 karat gold. I like applying it all over my legs, arms and chest for a nice glow. The last item that I carry with me is the Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture. I got this in a set with the body lotion and body wash as a birthday gift from one of my best friends. 

This picture is self explanatory. I made you read enough on the previous picture so I'll keep this short lol. I don't think anyone now in days can leave the house without their phone. So I definitely check and double check to make sure that  I have this in my bag before I leave the house.

Thank you so much for reading :)

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