Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Game Day Outfit with

jersey (get it here), hat (get it here), & pullover (get it here) - // converse - // 
jeans - H&M // puffer vest - Pink by Victoria Secret // bag - Zara

Hey guys! I had so much fun creating a game day outfit around an NFL jersey and hope it helps inspire what you will be wearing to rep your favorite team. I personally do not have a favorite team, but if I was to choose one I would go for a Californian team like the San Diego Chargers. I chose to style an outfit with the Nike Platinum Jersey because of the simple white and silver design. Wether you are attending a game or just watching it from the comfort of your home, this outfit is perfect! A jersey of your choice, boyfriend jeans and a pair of converse make a super comfy outfit to watch the game from home with friends and family. This enseble is also a great option to wear if you are watching the game live at the stadium. Since I selected a simple jersey I wanted to accessorize the outfit with colors from the San Diego Chargers. I imagine game day with low temperatures so instead of wearing your hair up in a ponytail or a normal hat, why not wear a beanie that represents your team?! I selected a cute beanie with all the colors and logo from the Chargers to add a print to the outfit. To stay even more warm, a long sleeve shirt or a pullover can be worn under the jersey. A great tip to stay warm without hiding your jersey completely is to wear a puffer vest. The metallic one that I chose to accompany this outfit is my favorite part because it adds a bit of glamour. A handbag in the color of your favorite team adds more team spirit. This outfit was created by using a few items from and I know you will find exactly what you need to rep your team in style!

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