Friday, January 2, 2015

midi skirt & over the knee boots

midi skirt / falda - Forever21
basic sweater / sueter - Forever21
boots / botas - Forever21
coat / abrigo - JC Penny

Happy first Friday of 2015! I wanted to try out something I have never worn before and I really loved the outfit I put together. I love trying out new styles and this one was inspired by a few looks Kim Kardashian has worn. There is so much controversy on longer skirts worn with knee high or over the knee boots but I say if you like it, wear it! I personally think that this combination is effortlessly chic. It was a bit hard to get good shots from todays outfit because of the rain but I hope you liked todays outfit. Thank you for visiting my blog!

Feliz viernes! Hoy queria intentar un nuevo estilo que nunca antes me avia puesto y me encanto. Este look fue inspirado por varios conjuntos vistos en Kim Kardashian. Hay mucha controversia de que si se ve bien o mal ponerse faldas largas ensima de botas que llegan a la rodilla o mas arriba. Yo opino que esta combinacion es muy chic y si te gusta, no te de miedo de ponertela. Se nos hizo un poco dificil sacar fotos por la lluvia pero espero que les aiga gustado. Gracias por visitar mi blog!

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