Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Getting ready for Spring (closet organization)

Hello! So last weeks crazy ice/snow weather made us want to stay in and start early on our Spring cleaning. The one part of the house I really wanted to focus on was my closet. I first took everything out in 2 piles: one for things I would keep and a second one for things I no longer wanted. After My entire closet was empty and squeaky clean, I moved on to the exciting part. Now I had an empty space which inspired me to arrange things more differently than before. I focused on displaying all Spring-y items to create a brighter and colorful closet with less clutter. I have also been purchasing quite a few things for the coming season so I plan on sharing a huge Spring haul this week. I took a few shots of my favorite spaces from my closet and decided to share them. I still plan on doing more decorating and adding new items now that I have more space. Moving things here and there or getting rid of things you dont even wear anymore can really turn your closet into a completely different one and help you feel more inspired everytime you pick out an outfit :) 

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